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Medal & Certificate

The Shaw Prize Medal


The front of the medal displays a portrait of Mr Run Run Shaw, next to which are the words and Chinese characters for the title of "The Shaw Prize". On the reverse, the medal shows the award category and year, the name of the laureate, and in the upper right corner, an imprint of a saying due to Xun Zi (313 – 238 BCE), a thinker in the Warring States period of Chinese history: "制天命而用之", meaning "Grasp the law of nature and make use of it".



The Shaw Prize Medal



The Shaw Prize Certificate


The certificate presented to each of the laureates in honour of their achievement is mounted in a brown leather folder with the name of the laureate on a 10 cm x 1.5 cm bronze inscription plate on the cover of the leather folder. The measurement of the certificate is 370 cm in length and 260 cm in width. On the certificate, the prize category is shown in gold engraving. Below the prize category is the name of the laureate which is hand written by a calligrapher. The citation and the date of the award appear under the laureate's name. Each certificate is signed by the Chairman of the Board of Adjudicators and the Chairman of the Shaw Prize Council.




The Cert of Astronomy

Life Science & Medicine

The Cert of Life Science and Medicine

Mathematical Sciences

The Cert of Mathematical Sciences





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